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Proactive Remote Management
Addressing Issues Before They Arise

Locally Rooted, Globally Connected: Your Trusted IT Partner

At our company, led by a proud Choctaw Nation member, we understand the unique needs of small businesses. We're a team of Oklahoma natives located in Durant and Tulsa, ready to serve your security and technology needs.


While we offer on-site consultations within the US, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand, and Venezuela, we also provide remote video chat support and seamless collaboration with your internal IT team.

Empowering New Businesses with Expert Guidance

Our passion lies in helping new companies establish a strong technological foundation. We offer comprehensive consulting services, including:

  • Security Solutions: CCTV recommendations & physical security to safeguard your business.

  • Server: We can vitualize your current servers for future cloud use or Hyperconverge adaption.

  • Networking: Certified CCNP ,NSE7 + Partners, We can do it all.

  • Branding & Design: Guidance on logo and website design.

  • SEO Servies: Google Ads, Youtube, news postings and other avenues.

  • Technology Recommendations: Expert advice on the best hardware and software for your needs.

  • Operational Efficiency: Strategies for implementing best practices.

  • Email: Email setup & recovery as well as best practices sheets.

  • Backup: Local, Cloud & Local Cloud all available for PC, Server, Email. 

  • Mobile: Let us setup your mobile devices to connect to the office. Roam Free.

  • Phone: We partner with multile VOIP phone solutions. Phone apps Available too, No hardware needed.

  • Point of Sales Systems: Selection and setup of POS solutions.

  • Digital Transformation: Designing digital menus and other digital solutions.

Your Choice, Your Control

We believe in empowering your business. Unlike other companies, we provide you with detailed equipment lists so you can purchase directly from your preferred vendors. While we can offer competitive discounts on larger orders, the choice remains entirely yours.

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